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Vespa Tour Malmedy was launched by WINSO SRL located at the top of Malmedy and owned by Sophie and Erwin Onkelinx.

Sophie and Erwin have moved into Malmedy in 2021 further to their will to begin a new life (region, work…).

They found their little piece of paradise by chance. And the place encouraged them even more to offer customers, through their new company, a panel of activities focused on wellness, relaxation and fun. Vespa Tour Malmedy is the first project that came to life but there are others coming next. Soon or a bit later !

They would be pleased to let you follow the Vespa’s adventure and will keep you posted about their upcoming projects.

We thank you for your confidence and hope to see you soon !

Erwin et Sophie Onkelinx

Sophie has started her career quite early in the food sector as a caterer and a restaurateur in Wavre close to Brussels. Born in a family of self-employed people (parents and grandparents), she has always been choosing this way for her career in various sectors: food, clothes, holistic therapy…
She used to work for well-known companies as a point of sales manager.
Her experience, professional and private, helped her to rush into new projects without doubts nor fear as a noob could have.
She knows perfectly how to deal with challenges and objectives and she is also a good project manager.

Erwin, after graduate studies, has been working as a customer service manager and a logistics manager for years. He used to work in the food service for about 20 years.
He has built his own experience by moving from a position to another.
He is more concerned by figures due to his personality and experience and he will mainly deal with planning, material, accounts and customer service.

Erwin et Sophie Onkelinx

Sophie a débuté sa carrière très jeune dans l’HoReCa notamment en tant que traiteur et restauratrice à Wavre dans le Brabant Wallon. Issue d’une famille d’indépendants (parents et grands-parents), elle a toujours privilégiée cette voie au niveau professionnelle : HoReCa, magasin de vêtements, thérapie holistique…
Elle a également été gérante de filiales pour des enseignes bien connues.
Son expérience professionnelle et personnelle l’ont affranchie des doutes et craintes qu’un débutant pourrait avoir grâce aussi à une vision claire des objectifs à atteindre, des prévisions et actions à mettre en place.

Erwin, après un baccalauréat en secrétariat de direction – langues, a entamé une carrière dans le service clients et la logistique. Sa dernière expérience, longue de 18 années dans l’industrie agro-alimentaire, lui a permis d’occuper les postes de Customer Service Manager, Logistics Manager et, aussi, Demand Planning Manager.
Erwin, de par son expérience et sa personnalité, s’occupera principalement de la gestion du matériel et du planning, des chiffres et du contact clients.

Vespa Tour Malmedy

Vespa renting in Malmedy
Roadbooks created to let you discover our wonderful region, its gastronomy and heritage…


A la Croix Jacob 9,
B-4960 Malmedy


Tuesday to Friday from 1.30 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Saturday to Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Advanced booking only

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